Dull abundance

Walking by suburban areas, especially in new gated communities, it is very common to
find very similar houses sharing the same characteristics: they are very square and
gray. It is unlikely that the same architect or firm could work in so many projects.
Looking at these houses, questions arise. What happened to originality? Do 3d
rendering software lack different shapes and colors? Are clients conforming with
anything? Do 3D rendering artists lack originality?
In the Rendering Company we are always alert. Therefore, we search for new software,
investigate the past and try to understand new trends. By doing this, we found out that
there seems to be a lack of creativity. The same boring shapes and colors are
everywhere. Huge square, white and grey hotels, rectangular swimming pools, the same
balcony shapes. Originality is nowhere to be found.

Unleashing creative renderings

3D renderings transformed how we perceive and interact with designs. Initially, they
were mere tools, but gradually, they've become indispensable. Modern architecture
often highlights creativity, experimentation and a departure from rigid, traditional
3D rendering artists and project leaders must explore curved forms and embrace
irregular shapes in building designs. For instance, using curved angles to create a
dynamic and visually interesting structure. Explore vibrant and bold color palettes to
break away from the neutral tones often associated with traditional architecture.
Additionally, Colors can be used to create focal points and express the building's
Also, 3D rendering artists can integrate eco-friendly designs. For instance, green roofs
where people can walk among plants and trees. Improve those spaces with a swimming
pool, a grill, tables, chairs and games for children. For decades, rooftops where dead
spaces, only used for the buildings water tank and the machine room. 3D rendering
artists and architects can change things.
That´s why we propose to be modern because those square and gray buildings are form
the past. New architectural renderings must embrace modernity. With 3D rendering
software, artists can be bold, explore and mix new concepts. In other terms, mix colors
and shapes, add technology, be bold!

Conclusion and final thoughts

In conclusion, architectural 3D Renderings changed the limits of design presentations.
Use the freedom to think beyond squares and rectangles and embark on a visual
journey that captivates and transforms. Your designs are anything but ordinary; let your
renderings reflect that extraordinary essence.
So, we must remember that the essence of "be modern, not square" is about thinking
outside the box, pushing boundaries and embracing the innovative spirit that
characterizes modern architectural design. Furthermore, it encourages architects to be
creative, bold and forward-thinking in their approach to shaping architectural 3D
The Rendering Company artists are young and embrace modernity. They easily adapt to
changes. Plus, they're not afraid to mix things up and try new approaches, which keeps
everything fresh and exciting.

You can visit our website and see our work at www.therenderingco.com