What do we do?

We are a Visualization studio that provides high quality product and architectural renderings, animations and AR, among other visual solutions and tools.

What are our working hours?

We are working from 9am to 5pm ET and we would typically need 1 hour to get back to you with the quote and ETA once we receive all the information. If we get the information after 5pm ET or during the weekend time, we may reply the next business day.

What information do we need to quote & start your project?

We need the 3D CAD files. In case you don't have them, you can send the 2D CAD files and the elevations, or a hand sketch with the measurements. Also any other supporting reference files as photos, sketches and so. Files we support: CET, DWG, REVIT, Sketch Up. If you are sending products to render we support STP, FBX or OBJ extension files.

Please describe the views/camera position required for example: 1 front view of the exterior building, 1 interior view of the kitchen, 1 white back rendering of a desk, etc.

For furniture, specific products and finishes you can send references of the style (look and feel) that you want.

Once we receive the work request, we´ll get back within the next hour with a quote and ETA. The more information we receive the more accurate the quote and ETA will be.

Do we need a retainer to get started?

Yes, to start any project we will need a 50% retainer. All renderings are sent with watermarks until the final 50% balance is paid.

What’s our rendering output sizes and resolutions?

Our standard deliverable is .JPG for electronic submittals which could be printed on 6,4'x3,6' at 300 dpi. In case you need a higher resolution for printing please see below:

- Up to 10”x7” size at 300DPI, or 1920x1080 resolution  there is no extra fee

- Up to 11”'x17”' size at 300DPI, or 3300x5100 resolution  - extra fee

- Up to 24”'x36” size at 300DPI, or 7200x10800 resolution  - extra fee

How to start an Animation project with us?

Along with the information needed for a common rendering project, noted previously, we should receive a storyboard, which is a representation of what is going to be shown on the final video, this could be visual (telling the story with images) or written (describing the story with words).

What’s the format and resolution of our animations?

Our standard output file format is MP4, at Full HD resolution (1920x1080),at 60fps (Frames per second) suitable for most platforms and devices.

How to start an AR (augmented reality) project with us?

To get started working on an AR project, we should receive 3D CAD files for the main assets. In case  you don't have the 3D CAD files we will need the 2D CAD files and elevations, or a hand sketch with the measurements so we can create the model on our end. (Files we support: CET, DWG, REVIT, STP, FBX or OBJ extension files).

What AR file will you receive when the project is completed?

We'll provide a GLB file, a QR code, and a link with all the embedding information needed for different purposes.

Can you make adjustments once we have delivered finals?

Once we have delivered finals, if you need any revision on renderings, the cost is usually 33% of the original price. For example: original rendering price is $300, a revision will cost $100. These fees will vary for animations and AR projects, depending on the adjustment´s complexity.