Sneakers NZXT by RFTKT recently acquired by NIKE.

In the first version of an NFT, the first buyer does not obtain a physical item, but the link to a token that is linked to it or it could just be a digital collectible item. The token is visible to everyone. Once the transaction is made, the buyer gets the registered token that is assigned to their digital wallet instead of someone else's.

NFTs can feature as memberships, access to different types of events, exclusive merchandise, airdrops, discounts, and may serve as digital keys to all types of virtual worlds.

The first buyer gets at least three important things: an asset that can be transferred whenever they want and for a greater amount of money than they bought it in the first place, contributing to a budding artist who finds it difficult to obtain financing, and the possession of a digital artifact and all the benefits that it entails.So the buyer not only gets the possesion of the NFT but all that comes with it, it's a multiple kind of privilege. By acquiring a token you also give the creator the possibility to enlarge and retain his community of followers.

This NFT was created by Decentraland.

When buying an NFT the person that acquires  it becomes the owner and receives all the privileges that come with that possesion, and also  gives the creator the possibility to expand his market  by making new types of transactions possible, by selling or buying products that could never be bought before. NFTs give their owners the ability to do things in both the digital and physical world.

Let's use the example of one of the largest fast food chains in the world, McDonald’s. The franchise launched McRib, an NFT collection aiming to raffle around 10 of these on Twitter. The token is named after the chain's most iconic hamburger and the most requested to return regularly. "With the McRib NFT, you'll never again have to say goodbye to the sandwich you love," the release states. It is not necessary to make any purchase to participate in the raffle, participants only need to have a public Twitter account and a crypto wallet. Winners can do what they want with the prize: keep it or sell it immediately at a high price.

This is what the NFT world offers you, a bunch of endless privileges and possibilities not only in the physical world, but also on the virtual one.