"And so, Mr. Frodo, we find ourselves atthe end of one tale and the beginning ofanother, even more extraordinary. Thetreacherous journey to Mordor is behindus, the menace of the Ring quelled. Peacedwells in the Shire, the green grassbeneath our feet unfurls a path towardsour future, our home. Not Bag End, notanymore. A home that houses not a solitary hobbitbut two, living not in camaraderie but inlove.""In the crackling glow of the hearth, weare as we were, yet irrevocably changed. Iwatch you, bathed in the firelight, youreyes bearing remnants of your trials, yetundimmed in their bravery. Your smile,though faint, mirrors the dawn after thelongest night, promising warmth,promising respite."

"You, Mr. Frodo, are like a beloved melodyechoing through the halls of my heart.You're as familiar as the Shire's rollinghills, yet as fascinating as the far-off landsour feet have trodden. You're as hard asthe Mithril shirt you once wore, and yet assoft as the downy feathers of a bird. Inyour strength, I find my courage. In yourtenderness, I find my refuge.""I, Samwise Gamgee, am no longer justthe gardener. I have become a part of atale that is as resplendent as the goldenfields of Lothlórien, as enduring as thestalwart walls of Minas Tirith. I find myselfentwined with you, Mr. Frodo, in a love asdeep as the roots of the Party Tree, assteadfast as the Brandywine River."

"So here we are, sharing a single life,bound by a love that many may notcomprehend. They may call it unusual,may even scorn it, but we pay no heed.For this love, like the path we trod toMordor, is ours alone. It is not dictated bythe expectations of Hobbiton, but by therhythm of our hearts, beating in harmony,creating a song that is uniquely ours.""In the embrace of our little hobbit hole,we find our 'happily ever after'. Not thekind often heard in tales, but one that istrue to us. Together, we have braved theshadows of Mordor, and together, we willbask in the sunlight of our shared life, atestament to our unwavering love. In thistale, we have not just survived, Mr. Frodo,but truly begun to live."