This NFT collection was created by Yuga Labs

An NFT is a non-fungible token. Tokens are units of value that are assigned to a business model, and NFTs are said to be non-fungible tokens because they are not equal to each other. Each one is unique and allows one to verify the virtual possession of something through the blockchain.

Each NFT has a certificate of authenticity, a series of metadata that cannot be modified. In this metadata its authenticity is guaranteed, the starting value and all acquisitions or transactions that have been made are recorded, as well as its author. This means that if you buy an NFT, you will always have proof of the first value it had, and how much you bought it for.

Last year the NFT market registered sales of 56 million dollars, while only in the first quarter of this year it climbed to 927 million dollars and reported a growth of more than 5000% in comparison with the period January-March 2020

NFT collection created by The Rendering Company

But what are NFTs for? Within all the applications that will appear, the NFTs could give a person the possibility of creating and monetizing their own social network of followers without the intervention of well known platforms and will allow them to establish direct contact with their followers through the blockchain and generate virtual identities that will contribute to the owner's reputation.

And if we talk about possession, would you be interested in owning a building, a world that is not physical, if not an image that you can see or a video that you can reproduce? Even if you can't live in it? This is what the NFT realm proposes.

In today's architecture world, renders do not usually belong to one person, there is a design company and client behind them. Renderings are images or videos of reality, but they go even further. There are infinite renderings, seen from different angles and different cameras. NFTs provide a complete look at a complete world. This will also allow us to rethink the value of architectural works in general. The virtual world will bring a quantity of creativity and new paradigms.